Main wheel motor products and parameters at home and abroad

Technology status

In-wheel motors were first installed in pure electric vehicles by porsche in 1900. After more than 100 years of development, not only many US and Japanese OEMs have increased the development of in-wheel motors, but also motor companies (such as protean in the UK and TM4 in France) Tire companies (Michelin and Bridgestone) have also developed in-wheel motor products. Domestically, Wanan Technology has a joint venture with protean of the United Kingdom, Asia pacific and Slovenia Wheel Motor Co., Ltd. to develop wheel motor products.

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Advantages and disadvantages analysis

As a whole, permanent magnet synchronous motors are widely used in wheel hub motors. In recent years, domestic and foreign vehicle and component companies have made many attempts to drive pure electric and hybrid passenger cars driven by wheel motors.

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages of wheel hub motor

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Measures to improve performance

The main problems faced by the hub motor in terms of performance are the impact of the improvement of the unsprung quality on comfort and handling; the heat dissipation and braking energy recovery after integration with the hub, and the subsequent shock, water and dust resistance Wait. The main technical measures and countermeasures are shown in Table.

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