What are the structures of instant water dispensers

The first part is the water tank of the water dispenser, also known as the water storage tank. The water tank of the water dispenser is divided into a variety of specifications according to the size of the capacity: for example, the water tank of the common water dispenser from 1000ml to 5000ml is everything. Of course, as the water tank increases, the volume of the hot water dispenser also increases.

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The core part is the heating body. The so-called heating body is similar to the heating body of our domestic electric kettle, except that the volume is smaller and the heating efficiency is higher. The power of some common instant hot water dispensers is about 2000 watts to 3000 watts.

Control module. The so-called control module is that our instant hot water dispenser can set the amount of water we need through the button above. For example, set to different capacities of 150ml, 200ml, 300ml, etc., to meet our water demand every time. The second is to set the water temperature we need. For example, the water temperature can be set to normal temperature, or set to 45 ° C, 55 ° C, 85 ° C and 100 ° C.

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Intelligent control module. This is also a function that many high-end water dispensers currently have. Its function is to connect wirelessly. Our mobile phone can set the usage mode of the water dispenser on the mobile phone. For example, setting the water temperature or setting the water output capacity, this function is also a feature of many high-end products.

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